What do you think of real friends?

July 13, 2008 9:14pm CST
Do you think real friends really exit in the world and what are real friends.How can we make friends with a people who can be you real friend?
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@TantrooM (61)
• United States
14 Jul 08
Friends is a tricky subject since they are two people who each have their own philosophies and feelings about life. The must important thing a friend could be is embracing of your differences, however not so embracing that they would allow you to do something destructive to yourself. The "Destructive" thing is exceedingly challenging to define though as what one feels destructive varies from person to person. Some believe smoking pot is destructive, while others feel that it is not so much. Some believe being homosexual is destructive, while others do not. And when there is a mismatch of these between people, that is when friendship may no be redeemable with that person. You can't befriend the world, and you can't be hated by everyone either, both have been proven false. Even Hitler still has people who are 'friends' with his philosophy and even Jesus has people who dislike him. Instead cherish the people around you, help them, and if they show kindness or help in return then that is a friendship, as small or as grand as it is.
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• India
14 Jul 08
Ya real friendz still exist today I do have couple of them but they are rare to find but once you find one dont let him go