growing immune.. again?? and asthma meds at that!!

United States
July 14, 2008 2:43am CST
i have the great habit of becoming immune to medicine quickly but never with asthma medicine but i think i have now because i seem to be getting worse even though i upped my dosage (or should i say i am taking recommended 2x a day instead of 1x) and it has made me worse.. i need to make an appt for the asthma doc soon anyways but i am hoping to buy some time and i already refilled it since i just figured i was having some probs since i wasnt taken the full dosage but compared i got worse i dunno what to think.. i know my med (advair) says dont take if asthma is under control but mine has never been so i didnt really think any thing about it.. im wondering if i should change now.. is there any other really meds out there? im obviously not asking like you guys are doctors and experts but i just wanted to know if there are a lot of people on a certain one that way if i havent heard about it i wont argue with my doctor (i tend to do that when i research illnesses and etc but i have found any meds that really stick out there) i was on singulair but i cant remember if it worked since i was really over medicated at the time with other meds and i just stopped taking it since i figured it was the more expensive one.. any tips would be greatly appreciated!!
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