Dual or single core cpu?

July 14, 2008 2:49am CST
Ok, I know that dual core cpus are more flexible to work with but sometimes the single core cpus have more power (GHz and use less electtricity), I personally prefer dual core because sometimes I need to use all the cpu power I can get for calcualtions. For normal users dual or single core cpu I guess doesn't make much difference. So which one do you prefer?
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@rlawliet (141)
• Philippines
14 Jul 08
basically its not only about the cores.. the OS and the softwares you are using also matter.. if you're using Vista, core duo is the most suitable cpu for it to maximize the hardware.. if you are using dual core in Windows XP.. i think, its just the same as using a single core.. that's the reason why i think you said that it doesnt make any difference.. where in fact, you are just not optimizing both your hardware and software... =)
• Greece
14 Jul 08
Well yes probably you are right. I have used both kind of cpus on Windows XP, I have never used Vista whatsoever. So maybe the difference between dual and single core cpus on Vista is obvious.
@amrishkj (297)
• India
14 Jul 08
I think if you are not a heavy user of graphics or work related to graphics then a simple celeron machine is more than enough. Only thing then is that you need to have more ram so that you system does not become slow while processing. I had used a celeron machine for almost 10 years and now since 6 odd months have moved to a core2duo machine as my brother needs to use in between for some of his work. Otherwise I was more happy with having a celeron machine.