Are you pedantic with your ipod song titles like me?

July 14, 2008 3:21am CST
I have to edit my ipod song titles and make sure they are all starting with a capital letter. I also have to make sure the band names are all the same so when i look for a band name there is only one of that band not three because one had a space or was spelt incorrectly. It annoys me if it's wrong. Does anyone else do this?
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@cszhsy (2)
14 Jul 08
Actually I do the same way.I'm glad that I finally find somebody who would like to do this.My friends think that I am the one who is doing silly things.BUT i just want to make myself comfortable with the list.I feel extremely bad when i see a mess on the ipod.
• Australia
14 Jul 08
I think maybe we have a tiny bit osessive compulsive disorder. I do it with a lot of other things too, my cd's are in alphabetical order lol. And all the actual song filename are correct too. They have to match haha.