Do you say thank you to your relatives???

July 14, 2008 6:17am CST
Well,its a simple question that whether you say THANK YOU to your relatived for their help... I am asking this because many people doesnt say THANK YOU to their relatives... Do you say thank you to your relatives?? Share your thoughts...
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@valeria1 (2723)
• United States
14 Jul 08
I say thank you to every person that helped me and I never forget them for that. Can be a relative or a friend.
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• Canada
14 Jul 08
I say thanks to everyone who helps me
@salonga (27952)
• Philippines
14 Jul 08
Thank you are two little magic words with enough power to bring delight and make the giver feels he is well appreciated. I therefore never neglect saying thank you to my relatives or to any one who deserves. Even how small the favor given to me, even just when my son handed to me a glass of water, or when a stranger showed me the way to a certain place, I will always give a sweet smile accompanied by the 2 little words, "thank you!". It will not cost me anything to say those words so why not say those words and mean it and make a person feels your appreciation.