Contradiction around us...

July 14, 2008 8:50am CST
I like contradiction things around me,,but in the right or positive way.. How about you,, Do you like to meet contradiction things??and could you give example??
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@ferdzNK (3214)
• Philippines
16 Jul 08
My kids and I were watching Mulan II, when I remember your contradicting post. The lesson of Yin and Yang, the world is full of opposites yet we need to work together. Day and night, earth and sky, black and white all very different yet they compliment each other. I imagine what world would be like if we are all the same ... It would be boring. There are times that we complain about the deficiency of one person, not good with that, lacking this, which we have and we're good at. Often we fail to see that they are good at something too. I guess this is the purpose ... to fill the void of the other. Keep on posting Fiona and good day.)
• Indonesia
17 Jul 08
Yap,sometimes we easily to complain about the deficiency of others and this is not good..especially when we hate somebody,we can fail to see that they are good at something too. Everyone is unique and their difference can make our life more colorful ^_^ Thanks for the sharing,,good day too