Kiss of death.

July 14, 2008 2:27pm CST
Love knows nothing except for the beloved,read in a newspaper that in Moscow two lovebirds were so lost in love that they ended up with 1 dead and the other at hospital in the intensive care unit. It goes like this: 2 lovers lost in their world went carried away within themselves that they went kissing in the middle of a rail track. Engulfing each other they forgot of their whereabouts and even the whistle of the upcoming train on the same track as a train had just crossed by the track near by and when all of a sudden they found a train infront of them the beloved pushed away her lover and was run over by the train and was dead while the lover thrown away hits the tracks resulting with serious injuries been admitted to a hospital near by. SO-friends love is just not blind but deaf & dumb too!!!!!!!!!!!
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• South Africa
14 Jul 08
Wow, they must have been incredibly stupid. Who stands around kissing in the middle of a train track? Also, trains aren't the quietest things, you can hear them coming far away. What happened to common sense or applying the brain before standing around in a position where you can get hit by a train?