believe in psychics?

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July 14, 2008 4:57pm CST
Someone posed this hypothetical question to me and I thought I would share it. What if a psychic tells you that you will die in a car accident on the freeway in less than a week. Do you avoid all freeways for the next 7 days?
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14 Jul 08
I would have a hard time going on the freeway period if someone told me that. I would avoid it at all cost. Everytime I would look at a freeway I would think of it even if the week was up. I suppose when it is are time to go we go.
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17 Jul 08
I think I would have a bit of a hard time, too. It's a mind thing...I don't know if i necessarily believe in it, but I would be of the mind set of being better safe than sorry lol