What should i do?

@msedge (4012)
United States
July 14, 2008 5:14pm CST
I have a bestfriend since childhood.We've been through alot of hard times together and always with each other during tough times.We always support each other and always together through thick and thin.We trust each other and shes more than a sister to me.I consider her as part of my family.When i left my country i have alot of things including stuffs that are very valuable for me.Since i really trust her 100% because our friendship had been proven really really strong many many times i left all my stuffs to her and had agreed that i will support her and she should take care of them until i could be able to visit and would decide what to do with it.For the mean i would like them to be under her care because when i left i was un prepared.I should have sold them but i have no time because my hubby which my fiance at that time had already sent ticket for me and my daughter to leave.At first it was fine but lately she never talk to me anymore and had found out my things were slowly gone including the valuable ones and its hurting me.I tried calling her but she turned off her phone i guess because she can't be reach.This made me had a sleepless night or maybe more.Do you think i should just forget everything anyway its just things compared to our friendship she never contacted me anymore which in my thought she feel guilty about what happened.I am really disappointed with her.
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• Colombia
14 Jul 08
I agree with Barbie, it's easy to forgive (MAYBE) but it's not easy to forget and you CAN'T trust her anymore, I know it hurts because you love her, but that's not the kind of people you need near... I think you should try to talk to her through someone and let her to know you want to talk to her, that you're not upset but you just want to talk to her, because you love her and she's you're friend... If you don't have any response you'll have to accept that the friendship was so important for you, but for her was most important the money she got for selling your stuffs.. IT HURTS but you need to be realistic and it's better later than never (in Spanish: Más vale tarde que nunca) I hope you be strong and don't waste feelings and thoughts in a person who does not deserve it... Bye ;-)
@msedge (4012)
• United States
23 Jul 08
Thank you!I need to talk to her to find out what really happened.I still believe something was wrong.