Please share some tips on how to maximize your credits at mylot.

July 14, 2008 7:17pm CST
For you guys who were able to make payouts from mylot, how did you made it? Do you have any gameplan on how to maximize your time making post? Please share your tips to newbies like me.
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@ertzinas (239)
• Finland
15 Jul 08
No one really knows the exact way how mylot rewards its members, but it uses some kind of algorithm. Usually people tell though that the longer the post is, better and use smileys of all kind :-) and participate alot. Some say that even rating + - or ! helps too. But if you are waiting for bigmoneys i can crush your dreams right now :P In MyLot you certainly cant make living, not even for anything big. Some pocket money maybe, but money should not be the reason for posting here. Usually when you only think about the money, your posting goes "wild" and you post stupid things and unneeded things for just hoping to get money. I myself post to discussions that interest me alot and/or which i know about like this. I love to help everyone new in MyLot :) I hope you have great time here.
15 Jul 08
thank you for sharing your tips...It really gave me an idea on how to maximize my stay here. I have to agree with you not to let the money thing goes into your mind. Cheers!
@Ldyjarhead (10157)
• United States
15 Jul 08
There is a lot of info if you want to search on this particular interest area. I have written a couple of articles that might help you, though. If you go to my profile here, you will see the link. Welcome, and enjoy!
15 Jul 08
thank you Ldyjarhead for sharing your ideas...I'll definitely browse your articles! thanks a lot! Thanky you and have a great day!