Why people always wish for more

@tnhzone (242)
July 14, 2008 7:52pm CST
I can't we feel satisfy.Before i got what i want,i'll think that if i got that,i'll be satisfy and won't ask for more,but then when i really got it,i'll feel like getting more than that.Have you ever meet a person or friends that always ask for your help?Like i do have a friend that ever ask for my help.After i help him with the first task,then he say why don't help him to finish up the second task then after that the third one.We should help each other but this really not the helping hand i would like to lend...
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@sabahking (416)
15 Jul 08
i think people is like that! i also meet story like that !! i receive a salary RM500 per month in one factory when i school holiday.I feel disappointed with the boss.He always ask for demand and ask me go this and that ! Even ask me go to tapao coffee for him without paying the money to me.I still continue do the job because that one is my first job in my life so i want a sweet memory at my life.But unfortunately it is my bad dream in my life , i work until i fall sick and i sleep at hospital 3 days.Until now i still cant forget it !! The boss is really ........Wish for more.
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@kissie34 (2296)
• Philippines
15 Jul 08
I think people will never be satisfy of what they have..They keep on asking more than what they have even they know it is hard and impossible to get/achieve.. I have also a friend who keep on asking a favor to help her to do this and to do that.. Since, she was my friend definitely I'll help her but then as I was helping her I just found out that I am not only helping her but I am doing all the things that she was asking me to do.. I thought it was just my observation,I still continue doing it until I get tired.. I confront her and tell her that the next time she will asked my help, I won't help her anymore because I am the one who is doing everything and she didn't do anything.. From then on, everytime she asked my help I never do it.. I'll let her do it by her self so that she would know why she's suffering that kind of punishment.. I also experienced it in some other people like the moderator in our organization.. She keep on demanding us to do this, to do that for our organization, somehow we always do what she wants because we are also enjoying the task that she was giving us but as time goes by, we begin to question all of her tasked and she always told us this is what is best for our organization but we know it is not.. Since, we're not anymore a kid that keep on following what the teachers instruction, we come up into a decision that we won't do any tasked that she will demand us to do for her to find out that we are not her slaves to do all the things that she wants..We already a college students and we know what is right or wrong.. So then, we make our own plans and own activity without her consent since what is more important our parents knows what are we doing.. In my observations in my own experiences,when you do the favor of someone and the favor comes out in a good result then they will keep on asking and asking another favor until you are the one who is working for them...When they asked something they thought it is not bad to asked again, I didn't say that it is bad but then sometimes there is a limitations in everything that we ask... We need to think the person who is doing our favor and we also need to help him/her.. Because I think when people ask something, they won't think whether that person gets tired or not.. Only thinking what is best for ourselves...
@tnhzone (242)
• Malaysia
16 Jul 08
Its really annoying for me to entertaint people like that.Sometime really don't know how to reject them.Seem they ask more because of the result was good,I do think that why don't just simply lend the helping hand which didn't help so that they won't demand again.haha