July 14, 2008 8:00pm CST
Hello,can some one suggest a remedy?I have son ,age 12years.Though he is very clever,he is least intrested in studies.Thatworries me much.If any one can guide me in changing his attitude towards studies,he is very active in all other things.In fact overactive.Any remedy
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• United States
15 Jul 08
It's hard to change a child's mindset but you have to try when they are young. It took me 9 years of school, up until the start of 9th grade in high school to actually get myself together in my studies. I failed just about every grade in elementary and in middle school, and had to go to summer school to inch by, my mother had forced me to skip 3rd grade after I failed it because we had a vacation planned, and also she thought it would help me, but it didn't. No body ever really pushed academics on me, or for me to do my work. In my elementary years I didn't understand that school was supposed to lead me to a bigger picture, and since I thought I was a failure from not getting the grades I would never try because I "knew" I would just fail. But once I got to high school I got serious, because no previous records mattered, I had a fresh slate. So now as a senior I am at the top of my class and have more confidence in myself. I would recommend that you help him with his homework when you get a few minutes after his school day, or at least ask how things are going with school(but don't be too nosy), and just keep him motivated. I was never taught the seriousness of school until it occurred to me that I needed an education to do what I wanted. Just make sure he knows the importance of it. When he gets to high school I am sure he will snap into it, most kids do, especially if he participates in sports where they require a certain mark. Good luck, I am sure he will learn when he gets that reality check :p.
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• Pakistan
15 Jul 08
thanks for your reply.I want to tell you that,my wife and myself always help him in studies.But as soon as we start doing so, either he says that he is very tiered or he becomes rigid if we force him ,and stars misbehaving