How To Pre Sell Products For High Profits

November 3, 2006 9:55pm CST
The reason why super affiliates earn more than other affiliates isbecause they pre sell products using their own landing pages and theyoffer something of real value making them different from everyone else.If you just send traffic to your affiliate link you can still earn asubstantial income, but you can dramatically increase your sales andconversion rates if you pre sell the product and generate the maximumprofit from the traffic.There are three ways to pre sell products as an affiliate:Create A BonusThe most effective way of pre selling is to create a unique highquality bonus gift such as a report, ebook, audio message, or videotutorial.This bonus should be closely related to the product you are pre sellingso that buyers will find it interesting. It can be a report thatexplains one aspect of the product in more detail or it can be a videotutorial that shows how to use the product.There are many possibilities but the key is to create a bonus that addsreal value to the product and makes you stand out from the crowd.If you don't want to create a unique bonus you can also offer productsyou have resale rights to. This is less effective than creating yourown bonus but it still works very well.Offer A RebateAnother effective way of pre selling is to offer a rebate by givingmoney back to each buyer who orders through your affiliate link.The rebate amount depends on the price of the product, so if it sellsfor $500 and you earn 50% commission you could offer a rebate of $50and still earn $200 yourself.Its not worth offering a rebate if you earn less than $100 from eachsale that you generate because you will significantly reduce yourprofits. Rebates are mainly used for medium and high ticket productsthat are sold for over $300.Write A ReviewThe most common form of pre selling is to write a review of theproduct. Obviously you will need to actually buy the product yourselfand use it before you can do this.You need to be as unbiased as possible and write an honest reviewdetailing what was good and what was bad with the product and whypeople should buy it.You may think that you should only write good things about the productbut its actually better to point out the faults because people willtrust you more and will know you are giving your honest opinion.Once you have set up your pre sell landing page you will need to startsending visitors to your website. Using pay per click advertising is agreat way to immediately start generating traffic and sales.
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