Buy packs or Roll your own?

United States
July 14, 2008 9:14pm CST
Do ya buy the packs/cartons of smokes, or do ya make your own? We make our own, from the discount smoke store... way cheaper! we usually make about 2 pack's worth for the day... 1 pack for me and hubby each. He put's his in a empty pack, I put mine in a little red basket on the desk here...hehe.
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• United States
17 Jul 08
I have been rolling my own for about 5 years now. Drum is the best. Normally I roll them as I go. I can roll a cig in about 15 seconds. The reason is a)the savings and b)I tend not to smoke as much as I would with prerolled.
@buzzmaker (631)
• India
16 Jul 08
Buy a pack. lite one and done within 5 minutes! That is how I like it. can't afford to spend much time for a cig. Of course, Rolling your own must be nice fun and pleasure :) I hope I would be able to do that sometime. Thanks!
15 Jul 08
Hello pshiv29, I buy pack of 20 cigs evey three days some I'll get duty free when someone go abroad and get 400 so not so bad ,can't do the rollies. Tamarafireheart.