metallica -they are not them self

July 14, 2008 9:45pm CST
I like metallica ,a thrash band from 80s or 90s .But now ,after a lot of changing in band ,and the music they play ,I don't like them .What they play now is not the music they played before .they are not them self
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• Malaysia
16 Oct 08
I think they move on like the rest of the bands. Even though I really love them in "master..." era but that's is history. They try to look for new sound, new songwriting process and it's great to see them evolve in the metal scene. Many not all of us agree on that but what will they do if there's already thousand of bands copying their sounds and music. So they must get out of the pack.
@raxerdis (132)
6 Oct 08
i agree with you totally it isnt same band james voice is so diffrent the old one was alot better and hammet style isnt that good they are getting old i think :D
• United States
15 Jul 08
a i no metallica is my favorite band but the newere stuff isnt as good i like enter sandman and some kinda monster way bttr than that other crap there writin now