have u seen god?

July 15, 2008 4:19am CST
i have seen many times, when i had been in the worst of situation in my life, i have been helped out from nowhere, when i have had a question of doubt in my mind, its gets answered thorugh some priest in a speech and suddenly you realise you are being monitored by god in each and every action,
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@marcmm (1806)
• Malaysia
29 Sep 10
personally, not many people are lucky to see even Jesus not to mention GOD. Not even Moses have seen GOD personally. It was mention in the Bible, if Moses see GOD he will die. So from this scripture I believe we as a mere human will never see GOD in our life. Maybe we can get to see Jesus image in our dream or half awake status. I've listen testimony about people seing Jesus and talk to him in person like you and me talking to each other but the story are too much to believe in. Regarding your topic, I haven't see GOD in person. But I have seen his work and presence. That is more important than seing GOD in person. I was involved in GOD ministry and I have seen so many people are healed by GOD. GOD also have been wonderful to me. I times of my needs he was there to help me. He helping me pass my test when I was in doubt to succeed in my test and I got outstanding result. He gave me new job just before the company I work with by then get to laid people off due to economic constrain. So GOD have been helping me lot in my life.
• India
9 Oct 10
true, though we dont see him, he happens to be there in our times of need
@mycorp (22)
• Indonesia
15 Jul 08
no body can see the god,.. why ?... you know computer ,...the form of computer never same with the creator. so god create human being it never same with the human being face. do not try to see the god , you will never capable for this,... why,... because human too weak,... ok if you are powerful,... see one of god creature what's that : " the sun " please see directly without glassses or any means. just with your eyes. and for 1 hour. can you ?.... if you can not why you wanna see the god,..
• India
15 Jul 08
Yes i have seen god,in the face of my friends who have always lend me a helping hand whenever needed who have helped me get out of the worst situations of my life,in the face of parents who have given me the values in life,in face of family who was always there no mater what.