Do you dread going to the doctor when you know there is something wrong?

United States
July 15, 2008 4:27am CST
I have a doctor's appt coming up soon and I dread going. I have leg problems and one of the possibilities is surgery. I hate going to doctors in general because I don't like to wait. But I will go to them if I need to, this time, it is necessary because my leg almost gave out on me at work on Sat. I had to leave early and didn't really want to. If anyone else has had trouble with vericose veins, please respond. I did have that venus closure procedure done, but am still having problems. So going to the doctor is going to be very nerve wracking for me, because I am not the type of person to be laid up-I like to keep moving and be active.
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• United States
16 Jul 08
oh so sorry for you. wish i had a solution for you. i dread going to the doctor for anything at all. i had to go once because of a bad rash on my face that was spreading. turned out to be allergies that run in my family. hydrocortisone helped clear it up.
@bumba1988 (1222)
• India
15 Jul 08
Well,I am not afraid of the doctor but yes I am always engulfed with the fear that he may say something to me which I cannot accept at all.But,however you have to accept the truth at the end of the day,is not it?But,dear friend I wish you recover as soon as possible and wish you a good health for the rest of your life.
@alokn99 (5717)
• India
15 Jul 08
I used to dread them for the fear of injections and the thought of surgery. I got over that fear after having having been admitted to hospitals on about 4- 5 occassions for them to diagnose a problem that I had. Now I don't like going to them knowing fully well that they will treat me like a guinea pig. I think a problem like varicose veins should not be ignored. So if your think its still troubling you go and see the doctor before it causes any complications.