How far is to far to drive to work???

United States
@ebsharer (5519)
July 15, 2008 8:05am CST
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I have a friend that lives about 40 miles from where she works. It takes her about an hour and 15 to drive to work every day, then an hour 15 to drive home. She drives highway so if there is an accident it can almost double her time to drive to or from work. She works 40 hours a week plus drives about 15 hours a week. So shes doing about 55 hours a week just for work. By the weekend she doesn't feel like doing ANY THING else! So my question is how far is too far??? How long would you be willing to spend in the car to get to a job you like (most of the time)? Would you be willing to spend and hour or two in the car every day??