When is it time to stop being best friends?

@alori61 (344)
United States
July 15, 2008 9:04am CST
I have this friend, we were that special kind of friends that was always there for each other no matter what. It was so close there was never any problems, no arguements, just always tight. Then about a year and a half ago my friend hit some very hard times, I didn't think twice when they needed help paying some bills, or a sholder to cry on, what ever they needed I have helped including raising thier child for them. Now a year and a half has passed, there is no longer any give in this friendship from thier side now it is all take. I had informed my friend their daughter needs new shoes to start school and I really didn't have the money for them. Yesterday I was told this person had discussed my financial situation with their spouse, and I was told they are not going to pay my bills for me. Now I didn't ask for them to pay my bills, didn't even ask for any money had just let them know their child needed new shoes for school, and I'm told they will get her shoes but not pay my bills. Now I won't say specifically but I have in the past year and a half loaned them well over a thousand dollars to pay bills, and that's not including what I spend on their daughter. I love this little girl and she's a part of my home calls me mom and I don't want to lose her, she is much safer and better off with me, but being specifically told they will not help me with my bills when I didn't ask, makes me really angry. I'm extremely independant and never ask anyone for help, so I'm extremely offended that assistance I never asked for was refused. I know this came from the spouse and not from my friend, but my friend is the one that passed it on to me. So now I'm wondering should I take the spouse attitude out on my friend and end the friendship? Am I being unresonable? Is it fair to cut off my friend because of the attitude of thier spouse? I'm really very upset about this entire episode.
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@pkraj111 (2459)
• India
15 Jul 08
This has happened to me.The friend I never thought to be different ditched me once he started making money. I think everyone is with the same problem these days
@alori61 (344)
• United States
15 Jul 08
Well truth is I don't see this friend ever making money not as long as they stay married, no matter how much money comes in the bills never get paid.