Fable 2.

July 15, 2008 10:42am CST
Is anyone wanting to get this? Looks like its gonna be a great game from all the game trailers i have seen. Who played the first fable? i did and i joined the evil side:) hehe. but i really enjoyed this game, even though im not a RPG gamer, more of an fps player.
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@Cubus93 (96)
• Poland
16 Sep 08
Yes, I'm waiting for Fable 2. I think, It will the best RPG for ever! Fable was fantastic game and Fable 2 will be better for sure. But I heard that Fable 2 will be only for Xbox 360. :( Did somebody hear about Fable 2 for PC?
@jsmith12 (438)
• Canada
7 Aug 08
I would be intrested if it came to PC. Right now a 360 is too unstable a system for me to even consider purchasing. We are exceptionally good with our systems, having every system we own from the original Atari system on still with us and in perfect working order. No need to botch that with a system that seems to be poorly built. Not to mention, it seems like they always go and port the good MS games to PC. So I wouldn't be surprised to see fable 2 on PC this time round too.