How many discussion have you got in the unresolved section?

@rajeshfgh (1627)
July 15, 2008 12:20pm CST
I wonder what is the time which one should give a discussion to become lively and yield maximum responses before deciding on the best response. Due to this undecidedness, I have a lot of discussion in the unresolved portion of my discussions. How many have you got and what is your strategy to choose best answers to the posts. I sometimes see discussions which are months-old being replied even today. So when should one really call it the end of discussion and mark the best response.
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@ebsharer (5517)
• United States
15 Jul 08
Well any thing with under 3 responses is left in my unresolved no matter how long they sit there. I mark best response once the dicussion has been open for at least a week and has 10 or more responses. Some times I will see that I have say 5 or 6 responses and its been about 2 weeks then I will go ahead and pick one. I pick best responses by who ever actually read the discussion and responded appropriately. Meaning they actually responded to the discussion not some off the wall response like some people leave. I tend to pick the responses that are funny or have the same feelings I do.
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