What are the two most important decisions ,you have taken in your life?

July 15, 2008 1:15pm CST
A decision sometimes can entirly change the course of one'life and give him/her a new direction.What are the three most vital decisions,you have taken in your life?How have these two decisions have influenced the course and quality of your life?
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• China
12 Apr 09
Hell,narayan,u are quite right.A decision can entirly chang the course of one's life .4 yrs ago,i made this choice to be a college student in that major,and all the things are changed ,far away from my dreams.How i wiah there is another chane for me to make another decision.
• India
12 Apr 09
Many thanks for nicely responding and sharing your personal views.You are absolutely right.Every decision we take at important points of our life has a forceful thought behind it and it may either guide you in correct direction or it can divert you in some other misleading way.A thought that one's mind produces at every moment of one's life is nothing but the mental expression of his/her past actions returning to him/her to create a reaction at some other point of time.The only way to take right decision is to fully understand and apply the right technology of mind. Thanks.
@maximax8 (28570)
• United Kingdom
2 Apr 09
When I was 20 years old I had a lovely cottage that I had bought the year before and I was happy working for a ship brokers as a container marketing controller. However the recession hit my home country really hard and I was made redundant. I looked for another job but didn't find one. I decided to let my home out, get a working holiday visa for Australia and buy an airline ticket around the world. My trip lasted just over one year and I found the man I would marry and my future career choice that would be teaching at primary school. If I had remained at home jobless I wouldn't have met the guy that I stayed married to for six years and I might not have studied to become a teacher. When I was 34 years old I found at 36 weeks pregnancy that my baby had spina bifida. I always have a home birth and still managed to get that. I decided to be strong and do what was best for me and my baby. He is now 22 months old and the physiotherapy that I have given him has made him get more leg movement and kneel up. I will keep thinking about a third decision that I have taken.
• India
2 Apr 09
Many thanks for sharing your very interesting and exciting experiences in your life. You have taken very bold and wise decisions to cope with the challenging circumstances,you faced at different stages of your life. I wish you and your baby happy,smooth and long life. You have successfully travel led through the period of several adversities of your life. It is marvelous and great. May God bless you to take all future decisions rightly and boldly!!
@misty99 (736)
15 Jul 08
Let me see.....one might be not going through the abortion.Must admit i belong to the statistics of got pregnant first.I was having a second thought if i would continue it but have to get married or abort it and move on as if nothing happened.So i decided to continue with the baby and yes got married to the father..period. Second.....My husband wants me to join him in the place where he works.Lot's of persuasion was made,my mother opted to take care of my baby who was 6 years old then.After some years,we manage to get our child and now we have already three and still with the husband. I'll come back with you if i have the third already
• India
16 Jul 08
Many thanks for sharing your very interesting and extrordinary experience.I admire your bold decisions that has led you to your cherished life.I wish you and your family a happy and rewarding life.