izzit people in the mylot always create their story to attract the response?

July 15, 2008 1:46pm CST
Iam always find that people have a lot of story that can tell people in mylot.Izzit the people always create the story in mylot to attract the response from you all?Some of the story is really unreasonable and i really cant believe it? what is view of that? Izzit it is good to create the story in mylot or telling the true story is better?
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@Icyfairy (284)
• Saint Vincent And The Grenadines
15 Jul 08
i guess some people will do stuff ike that but thats just the way people are. you can really change that. as for whether or not they should do it; i think that is totally up to them. if someone creates a post that you do not believe then do not respond to it. there are tons of other posts to respond to.
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15 Jul 08
then you think they create their story is true for it or not?You get create the story in mylot or not? i still give the respond to those discussion but will ask them izzit the story is created by them !! some of them will say yes just because want attact more response !!
@foxyfire33 (10009)
• United States
15 Jul 08
I don't think very many people here make up stories. I don't recall reading anything that was presented as the truth when it was really just a story. There really is no point in making up stories to tell here. Liars usually get caught and the point of the site is to make friends, have fun, and learn things. It just wouldn't make sense to post stories.
16 Jul 08
i agree what you say !! make up story is really not good and sincere ly for us !! So if we discover them please do not give any response again.TH website is to make friend and have fun that is all !
@tnhzone (242)
• Malaysia
16 Jul 08
There is the posibility that people in mylot creating story but i think most of it is real.This is because if you often create a story to make a post,you will need to create the respond to respond your comment.Slowly this will make you lost interest in mylot because you didn't really enjoy the discussion by sharing your experience.
@reckon21 (3487)
• Philippines
15 Jul 08
In a discussion site like this one. Everything goes. No one can tell if others are telling the truth or just making up stories. Many of our favorite authors made up stories. They are true work of fiction. Here, we are considered as authors. We can make up or tell true stories. As for me i responded in every discussions based on my own expereinces. I can make a post based on my lifes real events or have a reference based on books or magazines i read before.
15 Jul 08
Hi sabahking I don't think people create stories because I certainly don't I always believe in what they write to discuss so I maybe a sucker but I give the my benefit of the doubt Tamara,