Have you ever know a couple who always stare at each other?

United States
July 15, 2008 2:22pm CST
Have you ever met a couple who likes to stare at each other?
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@mandykaren (2040)
15 Jul 08
I dont know, that to me seems a ittle freaky actually lool i wouldnt want to be stared at so much, maybe if having a nice romantic meal and you are looking deep and dreamy into wach oher eyes hehe.. anyway i not knowna couple to stare at each other, maybe depends on how long been together? Seems like you have met couple yourself that do this, to be asking this question or just curious if some couples do it lol
@sk66rc (4261)
• United States
15 Jul 08
I've been told by my girl friend that I stare at her a lot... I don't even notice I'm doing it but she tells me that... She doesn't mind though, or at least that's what she tells me... I noticed lately she does that too... I guess she picked it up because I do it so much... There are times when we just stare at each other...
@bbcszone (99)
• Romania
15 Jul 08
Yes I met a couple who likes to stare at each other and I think they likes to stare at each other because they loves or just like each other!