tired of gas prices...wish I could ride a horse!

United States
July 15, 2008 2:24pm CST
So I am sick and tired of paying for a vehicle. Not only are we making our vehicle payment, but also paying ridiculous prices on gas because of what..."speculation?!" Give me a break! So OPEC can "speculate" that there is going to be a shortage...gas prices go up...no shortage...but oil companies make big money...so no dropping the prices back down?! UGH!! If I could have a horse here at my house, I would totally be willing to go to just riding a horse to town! I would feed and care for a horse over allowing someone else to guess at what is going to happen and so drastically change our economy. My husband bought a bicycle and is doing a lot more riding now. We have cancelled doing any travelling. And schedule appointments all in one day to make fewer trips to town whenever possible. Have you changed your life and plans because of gas prices? If so, how?
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@sataness (321)
20 Jul 08
Lmao by raising the gas prices your doing exactly what the government are aiming for. With the oncoming global warming increasing danger every year the government have become so useless in dealing with it that they've resorted to the basic, popular use of money rises. Oh and its not speculation. There's proof Global warming is here and all the other things such as the 6th extinction etc etc. Read up on it before complaining then you'll find a whole new more accurate reason to blame the government raising the money. And there is a shortage of fossil fuels people aren't building massive white wind mills tht take up space, where the government cud get more money for building hourses as they usually do, for the good of their health. Therefore no speculation just fact. Also... Just because you hate the idea that you have to pay more money for an intoxicating and view destroying ton of metal that's basically killing us (exagerated i know but that's what it felt like when reading about the fuel costs.) doesn't mean that the reasons behind the government basically dragging money out of a harmful situation (as they usually do in crisises) aren't true but made up just to get it. They aren't allowed to make it up, they just know how to take advantage of the people who don't take the time to read the real facts.
• United States
19 Jul 08
I live in Michigan where a gallon of gas is between $4.00 and $4.75 and the price of a round bale of hay 6x6 is $50.00 and the 4x4 bales are $30.00 and a normal sized square bale is and where from $4.50 to $7.00 depending on the cutting.
@rosedust82 (2075)
• Philippines
16 Jul 08
I am tired of the gas hikes... Really. It just keeps increasing week by week. They just recently increased the fare and it really is getting crazy. If work wasn't so far away, I'd walk or ride a bicycle. Now that gas prices are up, everything is up. Including food. What's sad is the pay we get at work is still the same. So definitely we're trying to cut down on expenses. Now, we're saving on the small stuff. Like turning off the a/c and lights when we're not using it. Like you, we try to schedule everything in one day so we don't have to pay so much for gas. If it's more economical to commute, we do it.