What work at home JOBS

United States
July 15, 2008 3:27pm CST
do you know about? Now let me make certain you grasp what i'm after. A work at home JOB not a business. Not something where you gain more money by referring people than actually performing a job. Not something where you get some product and have to sell it or get others to sell it--so i don't want to hear about avon, mary kay, melaleuca, herbal life none of that. ALl good companies i'm sure but not what I'm looking for. Now with that said I'll give my knowledge of jobs :) 1. Verafast 2. NHCD- I believe they changed names since I last worked for them-there was a fee I don't remember what it was 3. West at home-used to be west teleservices 4. Liveops-charge a $50 background check fee 5. ACD Direct 6. Cloud 10 7. Voice log 8. Westat 9. Arise --charge you to train and they take out money out of each paycheck towards them helping you gain contracts with the companies they hire for Now I have personal experience with all I've either worked for or applied. What companies do you know of and are they legit is there money you need to pay before you can work, etc.
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