Trivia:Splinter Cell

United States
July 15, 2008 4:49pm CST
I recently did a set of two trivia discussions one about Walker Texas Ranger my favorite non animated television show,and the other about ThunderCats my favorite animated television show,and it got me to thinking and I thought that I would do a trivia quiz on my favorite video game series Splinter Cell,so that way I could see how many people out there play the game,and how many true Splinter Fans there are out there,so without further ado here is the quiz Question one. How many Splinter Cell games are currently released to this day? A.One B.Two C.Three D.Four,Question two Which one of these is not the title of a already released Splinter Cell game? A.Splinter Cell:Chaos Theory B.Splinter Cell :Conviction C.Splinter Cell D.Splinter Cell:Double Agent,Question three. In which game do you first get the Knife? A.Splinter Cell B.Splinter Cell:Pandora Tomorrow C.Splinter Cell:Double Agent D.Splinter Cell:Chaos Theory,Question four What does the letters JBA stand for in Double Agent?A.Jimmy's Bronco Association B.John Browns Army C.Jakes Brand Assault D.Jasons Big Army,Question five. In Splinter Cell:Double Agent what is the name of the prison that the main character gets sent too? A.Alcatraz B.State Prison C.Ellsworth Federal Penitentiary D. Long Island Penitentiary, Question six. What is the name of the main character in Splinter Cell? A.Irving Lambert B.Sam Fisher C.Jr Wilkes D. Hisham Hamza, Question seven. What is the name of the main characters daughter? A.Beth B.Sharon C.Sarah D.Samatha, Question eight. What happens to the main characters daughter that causes him to take the dangerous mission in Double Agent? A.She gets kidnapped and killed B.She drowns in a lake C.She gets hit by a drunk driver D.She gets accidently shot by the main character, Question nine. Who does the main character work for? A.Third Echelon B.The President C.The FBI D.The Secretary of Defense,Question ten. Which one of these is an attachment that the main character can add to his SC20K? A.Grenade Launcher B.Shotgun C.Rocket Launcher D.Bayonet, I will appreciate anyone who responds to this discussion,and as with all my other discussions,I will also appreciate anyone who takes this discussion seriously and gives me answers to the best of their ability,and above all please show this great game series respect,and if you feel like you can add anything else that you like about the game series,please feel free to share it here,and I hope that you have fun,have a great day.
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