Private Numbers: Who do you give the number to?

United States
July 15, 2008 4:53pm CST
I have been thinking lately and I started thinking about how my parents have a private number here at there house,and so it gave me the idea of asking all you mylotters out there in mylotland how many of you have a private number at your home?Is there a reason you have a private number?How long have you had a private number?How do you decide who to give the number to?When you call someone do you leave the number private or do you dial star 82 to unblock the number?Or do you only do that if you call certain people such as family members?Or do you have a non private number but use star 67 when you call people?Does any of your friends or family members have a private number?Do they call you from private or do they use star 82 to unblock there number?Do you always answer for numbers that are private or do most of time you ignore it and see if they leave a message? Like I mentioned at the begining of this discussion my parents have a private number and as far as I can remember they have always had a private number,but I am not sure exactly why they do,my parents do not like me giving them number out to a lot of people,because they do not like a lot of people calling the house,especially in the middle of the night,even though the phone in their room stays turned off,because my dad works third shift,and sleeps during the day,and my mom is afraid the phone would wake him up,and I do not give the phone number out very often,and I usually just give it to my really close friends,and my best friend,so that way they can reach me,and I also put it on any job applications or anything like that,that I fill out so that way they can get a hold of me,but most of the time I will give people my cell phone,and that way they can leave me a message since me and my fiance leave the cell phone off most of the time,unless we go out somewhere,Usually if I call one of my friends,especially the ones who have caller ID then I will use star 82 to unblock the number because most of my friends refuse to answer for private numbers,but most of the time for other people I will leave the number private when I call,sometimes when I call people from the cell phone I will use star 67 so that way the number will not show up,especially if I do not want the person to answer,so that way I can leave a voicemail or a message on an answering machine without the person answering,the only person I know of who also has a private number is my great grandma,and though she does not call,sometimes when my grandma or my mom is up there they will call from her phone,and they usually leave the number private,I used to not answer for private numbers,but since my parents never unblock the number at the house when they call the cell and since my mom sometimes calls from granny's and it shows up private I have gotten to where I always answer private numbers when they call,I will appreciate anyone who responds to this discussion,and I will also appreciate anyone who takes this discussion,along with any other discussions I do,seriously and who gives me honest straight forward answers,and if you have anything else to add,please feel free to add it here,have a great day.
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