Our Man Charles Is On The Air! Listen Up, Please!!!

Anderson, Indiana
July 15, 2008 9:56pm CST
[i]On July 14, 2008, Invisible Youth Network experienced another milestone: We now have our very own (online)radio station, thanks to the generosity of our President, Hemant Baidwan! We're just in the early stages, but we're already making ourselves known. Our fun and brilliant young (age 14, would you believe!?!) station manager even has his own show, and he's BEYONDexcited about it! He's trying to get a listening audience of at least 100, starting tomorrow, so, perhaps, you can help him out--and, hopefully, keep coming back for more!!! I'm going to turn the "mic" over to Charles now... [/i] Hey this is your boy Charles here just to tell you that I am hosting a show on live 365 here is the link http://www.live365.com/stations/shareview?site=live365 The Show is called The morning show with Charles. On Monday I got 85 listeners and on Tuesday I got 96 so that means on Wednesday I am hoping to get 100 listeners so please get on there and tune in even if you don hear it just get on it and rate it a 10 you can even turn the volume down or mute me idc I just need that 100 listener it is CALLED THE RUN TO 100!!!!!!! Woooooooo OH and the biggest part of the hole thing is if I can get to the lucky 100th listener I will pay you back by giving away $40 in cash to one lucky listener this is the biggest giveaway in shareview history wooooo so invite EVERONE and if russell could give the word to some people than it would be a gigantic amount of help :) Thank you Charles Garza General Manager Internet Radio Station
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