Third week July Payment proof

Fusion Cash  - Fusion Cash, get paid to do offers.
They paid me $32.40
@ch88ss (2270)
United States
July 16, 2008 1:52am CST
I got two payments this week that I like to share the news with everyone. $32.40 From Fusion Cash. $4.00 (my second payment) associated content. Fusion Cash is a site that pays you to sign up for other sites, and do offers. However, do be aware that they require that you at least earn $15.00 of your cash out from credit card. So if an offer is worth $10.00, you must sign up and do another offer worth $5.00 or more to qualify for payout. Otherwise you won’t get paid. They offer payment by direct deposit, paypal and check. After this payment, I will not be visiting this site anymore. I am not happy that I had to use my credit card to earn. But since I started with it already, I went ahead and finished it. It is a great site that do pay if you like shopping online and doing credit card offers. They seem to also have a glitch in their system, not all of their free sign up are credited. They claim it is a system glitch and nothing they can do about it. Good luck for those that have the time, patient and energy to browse their offers for the best one. Associated Content is a writing site. You submit your writing and get paid. This is my second payment with them. So far I earned $8.00 from them I started with them two weeks ago. I recommend this site if you don’t care about the publication matter. Once you submit your articles and accept the upfront payment, you cannot republish the items anywhere else. Of course you may choose the performance payment only and keep the rights to publish it somewhere else. But the earning is much smaller. Payment proof can be found below. It looks like I can only post one payment proof. To find the payment proof to Associate Content pls visit my blogsite on my profile. Thanks.
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@suren20 (162)
• India
16 Jul 08
Associated content is a good company to work with.