what is the best song in zelda series?

July 16, 2008 4:31am CST
I like midna`s desperation bolero of fire requiem of spirit zelda intro OoT
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@SuperJay (37)
• United States
9 Feb 09
Mine favorite Zelda songs are the: Ocarina of Time Melody Saria Song/Lost Woods Gerudo Valley Song The trailer song for Twilight Princess after after the intro for link riding Epona on the Bridge of Eldin (I wish I knew what the name of that song was)
1 Dec 08
I really loved the Gerudo valley song which played along in the background during the day in the ocarina of time. Also really liked the Song of time and Bolero of fire from this song also Sarias song became quite annoying after a while if you kept getting lost on your way to the forest temple. I really liked the music in the telescope observatory in majoras mask and I just loved the creepy distorted music in the moon at the very end. The songs in the other games didn't really stick in my head as much as in the other two N64 games.
@kiersere (12)
18 Oct 08
I think that all the songs are amazing on the games but really like the twilight of princess ones as they are better quality but i still love OoT music
27 Jul 08
i like: wolf song of healing ( with the white wolf on tp) sarias song (normal oot)