How Pitty, Is there any medicine to cure the Cancer?

July 16, 2008 5:32am CST
No there is no medicine to cure this Cancer. More people said this is our enemy, Is it true? No, It's our heavenly friend because it saves from our problems and giving MORE PEACE to us. There is a small cure with Naturalistic items are Termaric and Neem Leaf Grind and take 90days. It gives some cure. Am I wait for result........
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• India
12 Aug 08
Well, Well, i just wonder why does heaven has such a dreadful friend. Cancer kills a patient, ok, the patient as you said may be saved from problems. But what about the family members of the patients? they are in misery both financially as well as mentally. They just squirm in silence because of your 'heavenly friend'. God forbid, people will be happy if such a dreaded friend doesn't like any human being. So far as your Termaric and neem leaf are concerned. It doesn't work for a cancer patient. Not even helps to reduce pain. But, yes if someone who hasn't been visited by your heavenly friend, takes he'll get some good results undoubtedly.