safety tips for lightning strikes

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United States
July 16, 2008 9:33am CST
Hello guys It is now the worst month of the year for lightning strikes in Florida, so I thought I would offer some safety from national weather service: 1) Lightning can strike up to 10 miles away, according to the NAtional Weather Service. 2) If you hear thunder, you need to get inside right away. 3) The old method we all used to count how far the lightning was by counting "one-one thousand, two-onw thousand, etc". and calculating mile per second waiting for the thunder is actually incorrect. based on speed of sound being around 1160 feet per second and certain atmospheric conditions it must travel through, if you see lightning every 5 seconds befor you hear thunder is only about 1 mile. 4) You need to get into a house, a metal vehicle or a substantial building, where the metal , plumbing and wiring will diffuse a possible strike. a small shelter, shed or golf cart offers no protection from lighting. 5)if you are in water, including ocean, get out. water is conductor of electricity. 6) when inside , stay away from windows, concrete walls, or anything plugged into an outlet. you are safer on a codless phone or a cellphone, rather than one connected to the wall. 7) you should avoid showering and doing the laundry. 8) get away from trees. do not stand middle of the feild or become the tallest object in flat terrain. 9) you should wait for 30 minutes after the storm is over before going outside. 10) If a person is struck by lighting, call 911, and help them, since the National Weather Service says the charge will not affect them (unlike an electracution in progress) In 2007 , 45 people died after being struck by lightning. In the week of July 4th (July 3rd to 7th) this year , five people died of lightning strikes. Of the 16 lightning related deaths this year six occurred under or near the tree, five were near or in water and the rest were outside in an open area . Hope this Information help you out to get safe from lightning Have nice Day.
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