is it true??

July 16, 2008 11:02am CST
ello everyone, from my searching in internet,i always found the program sound like this,earning more than 500usd per day,get 1ok per month. and many more killer word that will caught me to join the,luckily im not join i want ask u all that join the program like it true that we can get the money like that.. and if it really true,i dont mind to join under u
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• United States
16 Jul 08
Hey!!, Hows your day goin? They all seem like scams, but beleive it or not; There are some legitimate sites out there that allow you to earn some real money. Heres a link to ones site where i earned a little bit over 50 bucks in the first 2 hrs. I have been paid by this site a few times already, and they have members in the forum section showing their payment proof to! Its free to join, The offers are free to complete, and there is a 5 dollar sign up bonus when you confirm your email! Try it out, what do you have to lose? Lol, Fell free to ask any questions if you have them; Heres the link- Thanks & God Bless!!
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• Malaysia
17 Jul 08
thanx for sharing, i have use your link and try to signup.. unfortunately,fusion cash only accept us resident..huhu can u give me more site that not scam and eeryone can join included me.. thanx
• Egypt
16 Jul 08
i am not join to any one like that but i think there is many sites are trusted and the other sites not trusted and you must be careful and think a lot about what they say and choose the little cuz that will not b scam
• Malaysia
16 Jul 08
thanx for your response. ooh i know,so can u give the site that trusted?