funniest thing ur pets done?

July 16, 2008 11:32am CST
My cat done some funny things :), she once was sitting in the kitchen on windowcill and then she went to jump onto table (near microwave) and then fell into the bin LOL was so funny :). she also before there was a big box with a hole in and she went to go into it and she slowly was sneaking there (dunno why :P) and then she was close and my dad was behind and then he kicked the box and my cat jumped up high LOL that was hilarious :P. so, anyway what is the funniest thing your pets ever done? :)
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@mandykaren (2040)
16 Jul 08
awww thats funny and sweet hehe.. i have a cat and she love to jump in the bath and go to sleep, but one day i had not long had a bath and didn't empty the water out ooops hehe.. short while later i see my cat go running out the bathroom dripping wet.. She must of jumped in the bath without looking, not realizing it was filled up with water.. She repeated this couple of times before she learnt the lesson to peep over the edge of the bath first before jumping in lol
16 Jul 08
hehe yeah thats funny :D, cats can be funny sometimes :) or other pets :D like those on youtube, funny of pets hehe.
@santau (223)
• United States
16 Jul 08
I have two adult cats and three 3 month old kittens, so we see funny stuff all day long. One of my adult cats loves to get and sleep in bags, boxes, or anything like that she can fit into. She is not very small so when we see what she fits herself into, it is almost always time to get out the camera. My three kittens are crazy. We have caught them sleeping in the sink. One has fallen twice in the toilet. Another has fallen into the bathtub. They come out soaking wet and I can not stop laughing at them. Oh yeah, two of them have fallen off the top of the fish tank into the garbage can (good thing it was pretty much empty each time lol or we could have had a huge mess on our hands :) )
16 Jul 08
haha, funny :P, My cat looks really small when she is wet also and she loves going to sink and drink from the tap.