Paypal Insecurities

July 16, 2008 12:03pm CST
Let me just reveal you what Paypal probably doesn't like to reveal .I call it Hidden Charges amounting to $60 per withdrawal while clicking the wrong and followed by what they call Reversal Fee of another $60. The Tab i'm saying i.e. Withdraw Funds To your bank accounts (this mess out my life for one and a half months withdrawal processing) rather you must click the: Withdraw Funds To your card ( but paypal does not make this clear throughout this planet. Now I know the reason why? Who among you would certainly tell the world that you must not ever try to click the former, but the latter - since it suggests your local bank in the Philippines? Just last month i was about to withdraw $1000 by clicking the former tab as it suggests bank accounts in RP. To cut the gruesome story short, i lost $60 from withdrawing because Paypal notified me by my email address after 7 days that I have invalid bank account info but my withdrawal process is verified and succesfuly transferred to my EON account.So, i must supposed to wait for 1 week to see it appears on my account. Further, Paypal took another fee of $60 from my money, this confusing and hiding people call this reversal fee for resetting my transaction back to withdrawal tab. A total of $120 were taken from me without any clear mistakes one can imagine. I called up my local bank UNIONBank/ EON cyber account customer service and they assure me that my bank infos were all correct. i called up US Paypal Office 4x yet their agents have not even gave me clear answer. On the 5th long distance call to US, i was blessed by a certain agent to point me step by step as to where should i click the right way.That is, WITHDRAW Funds To Your Card/// But their final answer, i lost my $120 or P5,160.00. Really in-secured to Paypal.
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• Philippines
17 Jul 08
Hey thanks for the info. At least I'll know what to doo when the same thing happens to me.. Why doesn't PayPal give any attention to this? I mean, they should protect their clients from doing such mistake right? Especially if that simple mistake costs a lot of money for us. That sucks man..
@lozzyjay (21)
16 Jul 08
That sucks! The same thing happened to me! But it was only with £200, and I lost like £15! But it was my fault for accidentally entering in the wrong bank account details :(