Bum, I already answered that one!

@liquorice (3901)
July 16, 2008 5:39pm CST
Do you sometimes find yourself thinking, "hmm, that discussion seems familiar..." ? Some discussions hang around so long at the top of the lists on here, that I forget whether or not I've already answered them . This is even more confusing when there are a lot of similar discussions, and when the discussion has hundreds of responses I really don't want to trawl through them all to check whether or not I have already answered, lol! Does myLot even let you make more than one response to the same discussion? I don't know. It's likely that I would make a very similar response the second time round, which would be a bit pointless, so maybe it wouldn't let me do this. This is happening more and more these days, I'm not sure why. It seems like some discussions are getting a much higher number of responses than I've noticed before and so they're staying visible for a lot longer. It's good that people are posting such popular discussions, but it's a bit confusing for me, ! Do you sometimes forget whether or not you've responded to a discussion? What do you do if you're not sure? Have you ever replied, or tried to reply, to the same discussion twice? Or is it just me?
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