Dogs and cleaning....

@snoopy04 (718)
United States
July 16, 2008 5:44pm CST
My puppy Dolly makes cleaning the house so intresting. Today while I was vacuming she was chasing the vacume and barking at it. She would jump in front of it and tried her best to be so fierce. She would jump on it a couple of times and try to bite it. So I finally got done and started dusting. Well I guess she was upset because I wasnt paying her any attention that she started attacking my feet. My kids were laughing so hard they were crying because I was dancing around the room trying to dust the furniture. She also took a bite out of my behind while I was cleaning the bathtub. I finally got everything done but I must say it was more than I bargained for. What kind of crazy things does your puppy or dog do while you are cleaning?
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