@inia_54 (176)
July 16, 2008 11:41pm CST
I have this poem which I can never forget. It was given by my English teacher when I was in primary school. It's incredible. over the years, I can forget many important things in life. But this particular verses simply stick in brain - "Have you ever felt lonely in a midst of a crowd: when the voices around you is happy and loud; is your heart ever empty with something unsaid; when you are eager to speak but kept silent instead." Anybody knows who created this poem?
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17 Jul 08
I have a poem also I write from time to time. It is not that good, but I like it. Can you really hear me. Can you see me and can you believe in me. Is it really fair for me to say no? To say maybe! To say just because! Are you every direction to love. Every color of life. Every sight of beauty. Are you really mine to touch. To feel, to speak too, and to kiss? Can my lips sweep you? Shake you asleep, and cause your body to flood. Are you really heated for me? Will you seduce me, can you take me. Is your passion wet? Can it make me sweat, to dare take that next step. How sweet is your taste? From up high and down below. From across the eyes, to my heart that favors. That is one of my poem respond and tell me what you think.