Feeling Sick in the Morning?

@xJonox (222)
July 17, 2008 3:10am CST
It keeps happening! For the best part of my life it happens! What I'm talking about is every morning when I get up and a couple of hours after - I feel sick! Really bad, like constantly on the verge of throwing up... Then it just suddenly goes away! Why does this happen? Anyone know? Or does anyone know how to stop it from happening!?
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@poohgal (6848)
• Singapore
17 Jul 08
Sorry to hear that. Is it due to flatulence? Do you have a lot of gas in your stomach? If it's due to that, you should keep away from gassy drinks, coffee and other caffeinated drinks. Try to also avoid skipping meals. You should be taking 3-5 small meals a day rather than 2 big meals a day. Hope it'll get better.
@xJonox (222)
18 Jul 08
Nope it's not that... The doctor has been through this stuff with me... I eat 3 - 5 meals every day and healthy snacks at random intervles.. And I drink mainly water, and occasionally lemonade so I doub't very much that it's flatulence or anything to do with gassy drinks... Thankyou =)
• St. Louis, Missouri
28 Jul 08
Hello, I been getting sick for few months know once i moved to country and spring hit. I always had problems with acid reflux and just thought it was that till i was always getting sick even with taken med. I started taking clartin.. and before that some similar and it worked for like 2 weeks then had to switch over to something else. but i get sick every morning and feel like going get sick most of the day till like late afternoon once sun sits. I usually have to lay around in bed most of day. well i don't know if that helps any i am hoping to find out something..