What is the funniest thing that your kids have said or done?

United States
July 17, 2008 10:09am CST
Last week I was coloring with my 3 year old girl. while we were coloring I just pushed play on the cd that was in the player not really paying attention to what it was. It turned out to be a George Clinton CD, While we were coloring she turns to me and says "Daddy I want the funk," she runs off dances for about a minute and comes right back to coloring like nothing happened. Ever since every now and again this will pop in my head and I'll just start laughing. My boss probably thinks I finally lost my mind. So my question for all of you is what is the funniest thing that your kids have said or done?
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• Philippines
17 Jul 08
I was with my son in the bathroom, getting ready to take him a bath. When he said, "mama, that's papa's p3nis!" to my surprise, I asked him again. "what did you say?" "that's papa's p3nis!", he reiterated. So, i asked him, "where?" And, he pointed the faucet. And, i started to laugh over and over. It really made me laugh. He actually saw his father's p3nis one time and i never thought that he could make a figure out of it, lol!
@Kemboi (341)
• Eldoret, Kenya
17 Jul 08
One day when I was teaching my 5 years old boy about how heaven is, with some virulized or picture charts. After sometime the boy ask me a question, "Dad have been to heaven and come back" that question ragged my mine seriously untill today, that guestion is still echoeing in my mind I have tried to put away it cannot. Because whenever I am with my boy that guestion still in my mind.
@coffeebreak (17820)
• United States
17 Jul 08
my grand kids keep me in stitches all the time. Just last night, my son came in to get his 2 yo daughter nad he had stopped to get a bluetooth for his cell phone. He was standing in front of her opening it and she asks "what's that?". He says, "something for my cell phone". She says, "that's a bluetooth?" He nearly dropped the phone and we are dropping our jaws and in total amazement... how'd she know THAT!?!? THis kid is very smart and I keep her talking and all but good grief.. knowing what a bluttooth is? So when I could speak again, I asked her "how do you know that's a bluetooth?" she didn't answer, and then I said "Who has a bluetooth?" She says "mamu and papa" (her other grandparents) We laughed the rest of the evening on that one! IT happens all the time, tho!