@savypat (20247)
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July 17, 2008 3:27pm CST
How many have seen UFO's, it's seem like more and more people see them if so I would love to hear about your experience
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18 Jul 08
i don't know what this was. there was this tower out in the country that had 3 red lights on it all the time. then one night i saw an extra red light at the top. i pointed it out to my sister and we both just stared in disbelief. did they put another red light and make it taller? after awhile the red light on the top moved slightly to the right and stayed. we had our dad come look. for a good long while it was being still to the right of the top. we got into our car to go home and on the road we watched the red light move across the sky behind us then it turned keeping the same distance from us but moved along the side of our car and then passed us until it was out of sight. it never happened again. for many years there were only 3 lights on that tower. but one night there were 4 for awhile.