True love

holding hand - my grandma is a farmer,her hands is very tough,even tougher than the one the picture, for so many years she worked so hard to support the family,now,when she's old,when she shoulf fully enjoy her life ,she couldn't,life is unfair,isn't it?
July 17, 2008 7:33pm CST
Truth be told,when I see the topic,the first phrase stepped into my mind is marrige and baby,and my second thought is:how could they let a person who has never dated a girl give a speech on love?! Much less true love?!For most of the time I am just a watcher,love,I find,is somehow like singing,everyone can do enough to enjoy themselves,though it may not impress others very much.And I often come across strange sences like this:A&B know each other pretty well,but they are neither friends nor enemies;they once shared every secret with each other,but now now they don't even talk with each other,clearly they are another two victims of what they call love. Then what about true love?Anything different?see this poet,this is the english version of Shangye(an acient chinese poem): "I love thee,i love but thee With a love that shall never die Till the sun grows cold Till the star grows old ."Touching!But secretly I do not believe in this,and I think it will be more convincing if another sentence is added: "Till the day you say:MAY BE WE SHOULD JUST BE FRIENDS!"Pay attention.this is the official languang used for breaking up. Believe it or not,two of my roommates had just got this reply from their girlfriends last weekend,one on friday,and the other on saturday.And he dormitory was soaked in saddness!Well,nothing serious,just two sentimental boys and two broken hearts."I love her! I do love her!""Yes,I know,yes, I know.But life goes on,and time can heal everything."---That's all I can say to confort them. Please don't misunderstand me,I just want you to know love hurts,really hurts.It opens your heart so that someone can get inside to mess you up,then leave you crying in darkness.Then one day,one person,no different from others,wanders into your stupid life...... I don't mean to be pessimistic,cause i am.But I still want to find the missing part of me,I will not stop my longing for love? Now I want to share a story with you.It's about my grandma,things happened 8 years ago .and I can remember it quite clearly because it's mid-autumn day,and the opening eremony of the olympic games is also on that day,and I spent that day all alone.My parents had both went to the hospitsal,grandma suddenly fell ill lastnight,apoplexy,the doctor said.And I shall never foget the loneliness and fearness I experinced that day. Fortunately,grandma came to life a week later,but she can never walk again,what's worse,she seemed to have forgotten every one,and she refused to alk.But we all know we couldn't ask for more,grandma's living is already a miracle. When I finally got the chance to see her,I was speechless,I kept on thinking how could all these things happen to her,I held her hand tight but there's no response.She ust stared at me,for a very long time,almost as long as a centurythen I heard the most wonderful voice in the world,weak but clear,it's my nickname,yes,she recognised me,she still remembered me,her favourite grandson!And everyone burst into tears..... I really don't know what love is,and I'm not sure whether it's the power of love.People say love is a condition when someone's happiness is essential to you,then I dare say,to grandma,I am her happiness. This is the true love I have seen by far.
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