What is the most unusual or strange thing that you have done to make extra money

@Virgie60 (556)
United States
July 17, 2008 11:34pm CST
Did you donate blood, enter a wet t-shirt contest :), hand out flyers wearing a pizza suit, what did you do?? I haven't done anything like that but one of the different mystery type shops I did was that I had to call funeral homes and pretend that my mother-in-law had died and needed information on funeral costs. In some ways I felt kind of bad lying like that but it was for a legit reason so.... Curious to know if any of you have done weird things to earn a little extra cash.
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@mykmari_08 (2466)
• Philippines
18 Jul 08
Well if my memory serves me right, one of my younger siblings and I once did make money out of selling friendship bands. We were just about ten to twelve years old then; and I could say that I had a knack for making such bands which were also called as bracelets. But because we had no funds to spare which was but natural; we had to search for materials which were readily available in the house. Luckily, our mom had white yarns stocked up. After transforming several yarns into fancy and inexpensive bracelets, we offered one piece to our female neighbor who was about in her early 20s. She was interested but she preferred a purple-colored band. My sibling thought of immersing the bracelet into a purple-colored dye solution. After an hour, we let it dry through the electric fan. Then, we returned to our neighbor's house and showed it to her saying that it was newly finished; which is obviously a lie. Indeed, our female neighbor bought it which made us not only very happy but we also felt guilty having to lie. After some time, she was surprised why the band lost color day by day. We told her not to expose it in water. Until this day, I can't forget the naughtiness we have done just for a dollar or a portion of it.