the skill on the internet

July 18, 2008 7:56am CST
THe skill and matters needing attention 10.010.000 cannot,in has not put through the network in the situation the surfing ,the consequence is proud the 2.mesh wire best lift-off to have certain altitude,if pastes dirtes directly in ground,flushes meets (everybody not comfortably conceivable,im a water depth.1 meter place surfing's feeling)the 3.suggestion choose some current capacity easy major risesand falls'website the 4.slipper bottom to scratch as far as possible cleanly ,in order to avoid affects data packet accurate which transmits the 5.suggestion the monitor turn around face oneself,like this may one side enjoy the surfing the pleasure,at the same time accesses the net.the 6like to encounter sudddenly the power failure situation please immediately from on the mesh wire jumps down.If you that electrical power system is quite bad should better have UPS
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