On an average how many minutes do you take to type a response at mylot?

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@smilyn (2964)
United States
July 18, 2008 12:39pm CST
Usually I take atleast 5 minutes to respond to a discussion. But this varies with the topic.If the topic is very interesting and I have lots to share, I write more. BUt when I have only few points to share then I respond quickly and move onto another discussion. Without considering the typing speed, how much time do you take to think about the response for a discussion? How many minutes do you take on an average to type the response to a discussion?
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• India
18 Jul 08
Same with me, I am as like you. I have special interests on some whereas skip some. The response takes time sometimes to get submitted. Else, average is 5 minutes or so.
• United States
18 Jul 08
For me, it depends. If I feel strongly about something then I'll write more and that end up taking less time. If I'm not really sure what to type then I move slower. The more interested I am the more I will become more involved with what I need to say.
@ruby222 (4848)
18 Jul 08
It varies,if the topic is good and funny then it makes you think a lot harder to try and find a reply that suits it,but if the topic is just a normal run of the mill one then it takes just a minute or two,but I do like topics that go on for a while,and a conversation gets built up,theres a bit more fun attached to it then!
@malkaff (171)
• Romania
18 Jul 08
Well, I take about 5 minutes, just like you. Oh yes, it depends on the topic too like you said.:)..On this topic I don't have many things too say, so I took only 1 minute to write this:))
@Ricky007 (512)
18 Jul 08
On an average i take around 2-3 minutes but generally it depnds mainly on the response..for big response, it takes more time..On an average 4 minutes i can say..