copy and paste on mylot

July 18, 2008 4:42pm CST
I joined one year ago to mylot, but I didn't come to post much until a month ago, I remember that when I just joined I wanted to spell my discussion and I wouldn't because I don't know about the Google tool bar or about Mozilla having a spell checker, anyway I remember me trying to reach 500 points for get that magical feature of copy and paste on the text box, but once I reach the 500 points and copy and paste was enable; I have not copy and paste much really, I think only when my browser crash and it recover that I wrote, It was annoying when I wouldn't copy and paste and my browser was not responding and I have to forge it to closed and then I would have to write all again, because when even when Mozilla recored that I was writing, it was not able to be paste on the text box on mylot, anyway I don't know why but I am not copying and pasting really, I don't know when I was just stating I thought that copy and paste really would help a lot.
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