Batman's The Dark Night

batman the dark night - great movie to watch.
@skbh12 (2950)
July 19, 2008 12:55am CST
my boyfriend and i watched it last night and thinking that we would still be able to watch earlier time viewing of the movie and as we approached the ticket book, the tickets for the time we were aspiring to watch is SOLD OUT... i can say that it really is a big hit here in the Philippines and you can see the lines for each four cinemas for batman are really really long.. the movie was great although there are brutal scenes that you can see. i love how heath ledger played his role as the Joker. he is really really good and funny as well. he has portrayed his role as if he was the real joker and i was amazed how great he was. too bad he died and i have been wanting to see more of his acting. for the batman role as well, mr christian bale, he is soooo hot and one great actor too. fits in well with his role as batman. i just don't like his voice when he becomes batman. as if my throat is hurting everything he talks. haha. i would give the movie 5 stars for it. the movie was really jam packed with movie watchers and i recommend everyone who hasn't seen it yet to watch the movie now! for this movie. BATMAN RULEZ!!!And another thing, i love the gadgets and the bat mobile that has converted into a cool motorcycle. i don't know how you call it. teehee!
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