@super_jj (1417)
July 19, 2008 3:45am CST
I'm really into tech stuff, especially cell/mobile phones. i've had 8 cellphones since college. and now i'm using two phones. my main fone is a nokia 6300i, the slim fone. it's all black and really anorexic. i bought it around a month ago,and so far i have nothing to complain about. i love it's features, especially the wifi. gprs is also good. my back-up phone is also a nokia, but i forgot the model. it's one of the first colored fones of nokia. sop far i'm satisfied with my fones' performance. i just wanna survey mylotters if you guys have a phone preference (be it brand or model). so... what brand or model is your cell/mobile phone? are you happy with it? woul you recommend it to someone who's thinking about buying a phone? is there a fone brand/model you're lusting right now? hehehe. just answer any of the questions i posted. 8)
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