FUNimation saves One Piece from 4Kids! Their apology for ruining Dragon Ball Z?

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July 19, 2008 11:26am CST I know that this is late, but last month and this month i've learned a lot about 4Kids and their tyrannical editing abuse of the anime One Piece. Through Youtube, DailyMotion and other websites, i've learned of who Alfred R. Khan/Kahn (?) really is, and why people hate him. His comments of "manga is a problem" and "kids don't read", even i'm starting to hate this guy. Also, if it wasn't for DBZ Uncensored, my eyes would've still been closed from the truth of a hostile anime dubbing company that did much, MUCH worse than Funimation did with Dragon Ball Z. I've got to admit that i've been a hardcore dubbie for most of my life watching dubbed anime like DBZ, Sailor Moon, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, etc., but thanks to Youtube providing subtitled anime (Dragon Ball Z) clips for me to taste, and DBZ Uncensored (a part of the Otaku Alliance), my eyes are wide open to the truth of how much butchering Funimation did in the past. Ever since then, I only watch the dubs for nostalgic effect and a part of my regret, while watching the subtitled clips and seeing them in its entirety. Now there's a new company that's outbutchering Funimation in anime editing, censorship and dubbing: 4Kids, or more like "4KHAAAANNN"!!! as Captain James T. Kirk would call it. They're even worse than Funimation by God-knows-how-much-and-how-many-times. They're so stuck-up and malicious that even anti-4Kids videos and those that rightfully portray the 4Kids CEO, Alfred R. Khan in a negative light and making fun of him, are also being removed because of a "copyright infringement" when in actuality that there ISN'T any copyrighted material on those videos. The reason they're removed by order of 4Kids is because Khan's more like an ignorant child that made himself deaf on purpose to shut out the truth about him and his company. He'll do anything to silence Youtube users in any way possible. Last year, 4Kids cancelled the dub pf the One Piece anime and Funimation made sure that said that they would clean up all the mess that 4Khan made, restoring the cigarettes, restoring the original storyline to normal, undoing the censorship 4Khan applied to it, and other messes they did. However, at the same time, since i've seen the Dragon Ball Z dub just as severely edited as One Piece, Funimation itself made a mess of the DBZ anime.*/ Now that Funimation has the rights to the One Piece anime, could this be their way of apologizing and making up for what they've done to DBZ all those years ago?
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